Dragonfly Farm

Dragonfly Farm

My friend Ulla has a beautiful protea farm in Kettering called Dragonfly Farm.

(The only thing this post has to do with Thermomix is that my gorgeous friend Ulla was the person who introduced me to the Thermomix, she came to work one Monday & said you will never guess what I bought & then told me I had to be a consultant because I would be perfect at it! The rest is history! )

Anyway moving onto our fun photographic morning on the farm; my misson was to get some good shots of Ulla with her dogs -Pepsi & Hamish for her to send to her relatives. Ulla was kind enough to let me post these photos to my blog.

Ulla & her dogs

This time of year there are not too many flowers, but we managed to get a few good photos of the proteas, Ulla & her dogs!!

Yellow protea


I spy Pepsi


Dragonfly Farm view

What a beautiful view from Dragonfly Farm!

Ulla makes the most gorgeous bunches of flowers that she sells at the Cygnet market & she also sells her flowers to wholesalers. The farm used to produce cherries, saffron & garlic too.




Some days the pile of leaves comes up to the height of the workbench

Sharing the protea love!


Beauty & the blackberries – it’s such hard work to maintain a protea farm.



The bunch

And I got to take this bunch of flowers home with me!!

The Ulla flower is a rare & treasured protea species 🙂



Hamish is deep in thought.


Breathe in!!

Breathe in!!

It’s a flower jungle!!

Top secret new variety of protea

Top secret new variety of protea


Best friends.


Flower arrangement by Ulla.

Flower arrangement by Ulla.


Thanks so much Ulla, Hamish & Pepsi for a wonderful morning at Dragonfly Farm. I love your creativity, fun & laughs!!

Ulla takes so much pride & care in her work, she works long hours & is so passionate about what she does. When you see Ulla at the market make sure you say hi & buy a beautiful bunch or box of her gorgeous flowers.

Farm Gate Market

Farm Gate Market

What a beautiful day to go to the Farm Gate Market, we were on a mission to collect some quality ingredients for our upcoming cooking demo at the Koonya Garlic Festival. Of course all major food adventures must begin with coffee, so we ordered one from Rasberry fool.

We started with a chat while watching people coming & going with their bags of fresh market goodies. I was keen to practice my new photography skills with my new lens & I fit right in as there were lots of tourists with their DSLR cameras at the market today. A few people asked where I was from, um Hobart 🙂

Farm Gate Market

Oh yum fresh basil, growing in a pot yes please!!Basil


This is taking fresh to the next level!

This is taking fresh to the next level! The nashi’s are delcicious!!

These Raspberries went 1 better they were picked this morning before the market! Fresh as!

These Raspberries went 1 better they were picked this morning before the market! Fresh as!

Fresh Blackberries - just gorgeous!

Fresh Blackberries – just gorgeous!


Organic blueberry tasting from Twelvetrees Farm

Organic blueberry tasting from Twelvetrees Farm


We signed the petition so we can get our delicious organic dairy produce from Elgaar farm back into production!

We signed the petition so we can get our delicious organic dairy produce from Elgaar back into production!


One of my favourite ingredients, I don't need to buy because it's growing in my garden in huge quantities.

One of my favourite ingredients, I don’t need to buy because it’s growing in my garden in huge quantities.

We collected some goats cheese & taste tested the yummy smoked haloumi from Southern Stra

We collected some goats cheese & taste tested the yummy smoked haloumi from Southern Sky Gourmet Cheeses.


We had a good chat with Dr garlic & ordered our black garlic for the garlic festival. He is presenting a talk about black garlic & black holes at the festival & maybe will share his secret recipe for black garlic vodka!

We tried the dukkah had a good chat with Geoff from DR Garlic & ordered our black garlic for the garlic festival. He is presenting a talk about black garlic & black holes at the festival & maybe will share his secret recipe for black garlic vodka!


Rainbow carrots

Rainbow carrots


More chats to garlic fanatic Matt from Van Diemen Garlic

More chats to garlic enthusiast Matt from Van Diemen Garlic he is the one who makes the garlic braids too!


Nigel's Garden

Zuchinni's Crazy Cucumbers! Zuchinni flowers


You can’t go to the market & miss out on the best sushi ever! You do have to line up for a while to get your made to order Masaaki Sushi, but it is well worth the wait & we even made some new instagram friends while in line 🙂


Picnic lunch sushi style with miso soup.





Yes let's take home a bag of delicious fresh apples too!!

Yes let’s take home a bag of delicious fresh apples too!!

What a fabulous way to spend a sunny Sunday morning, I’m looking forward to my next visit already!!




Little Missy Patisserie

Little Missy Patisserie

We have been fond regulars of Little Missy Patisserie since it first opened, with awesome coffee & delicious savoury & sweet treats, what’s not to like? Everyone is so friendly & it has a gorgeously homely feel. We feel like old friends now & felt it would be ok to ask if we could take our “real cameras” in for a photo shoot this morning. Oonagh was so lovely & agreed to our favour, she is such an amazingly talented pastry chef.

So my foodie chef friend & photography study buddy Ellie joined me for the shoot. (read her blog post & she her photos here)

I arrived a bit early so had to have a coffee & suss out the conditions (plus test out my new lens!!)

Kev's coffee

OK there was a brief quiet moment with not too many customers, a great opportunity to shoot the delicious goats cheese, heirloom tomato & fresh basil tart, just as I’m styling it a guy comes in with these gorgeous mini yellow tomatoes (I have forgotten the variety) perfect timing!!

Yellow tomatoes


Ellie arrived & styled up the scene, we just knew we had to take out a slice & have that for breakfast later (after taking it’s photo another million times!)Tart 2

Tart outside

Should we do more savouries? No we need to do the sweets!!

Let’s get our lemon brĂ»lĂ©e tart action shot with the blow torch, I am so excited I can’t hardly breathe!!


Tourch 1

So now that is done & I’ve calmed down a bit, we have selected out the food to be shot, styled & eaten over the next hour or so.

Sweet Treats

We felt very privileged to be able to use the “special fork”. Another great reason this is the perfect place for a photo shoot is their gorgeous collection of vintage plates, cutlery & tea pots. Food styling heaven!

Lemon tart 3 - THE BEST

Styled by Ellie – cracked tart (I don’t mean you Ellie!!) See the instagram video here.Brulee cracked

Go Ellie, go!!

ZOOM Brulee

Rhubarb & custard pastry – The rhubarb came from my garden!

Rhubarb custard pastry

The blackberry & hazelnut dome I’m sure it has a much fancier name that I will find out & update for you 🙂

Which shot of these 3 is your favourite?

Blackberry & hazelnut dome Blackberry cake Cake blackberry

And chocolate & coffee what better way to finish up? Note to selves make sure you only order 1 coffee at a time not 2 at a time, because they don’t look as fresh after you have taken 10 million shots!! Chocolate

Chocolate 2

Thanks so much for an amazing morning with delicious, gorgeous food & coffee Oonagh & the gang!! You are all superstars!!

old mixer bowls

Spaghetti Bolognese with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Spaghetti Bolognese with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Oh my goodness, mamma mia!! Sometimes a quick an easy meal can be the most delicious!! My friend gave me some delicious home grown cherry tomatoes, another friend “grows” her own cows & I had some of that mincemeat in the fridge. I love to put some bacon or go half beef & half pork mince. I always start with a base of onions, garlic, parsley, basil & oregano, sauted in olive oil in the Thermomix of course!

Then I love to put extra veg depending on what I have, tonight was red capsicum & carrots. Other veggies I have included before are zucchini, broccoli, celery & mushrooms. I like a little bit of red wine but tonight I only had white wine so put that in instead. I always add a bit of veggie stock paste for extra flavour & some tomato paste (which you can make yourself in the Thermomix) this helps to thicken the sauce too. Of course you may not have fresh cherry tomatoes to use all year round but you can use a good quality tinned tomato or passata instead.

I also had some home grown zucchinis that I was going to make into zoodles to go with the Bolognese for an easy Friday night dinner after a busy day’s food photo shoot, teaching a Body Balance class & delivering 2 Thermomix! But my son said “Please Mum can we have pasta instead of the zucchini noodles?” I said “We don’t have any pasta” He said “Can you go to the shop?” I said “Uh NO!!…..Alright  I’ll make fresh pasta then!!”

The best recipe for fresh pasta my Chef friend Ellie tells me is 100g flour for 1 egg: so I did 200g strong flour & 2 eggs (it does depend on your egg size so I added an extra yolk. I needed it in the Thermomix for 2 mins. I must also to confess to owning an electric pasta maker!! So extravagant I know but you can also use it manually. I heated the water in the Thermomix to 100 degrees, while I used the pasta machine to roll out the pasta dough & then made it into spaghetti! Fresh pasta is just such a beautiful delicious thing!


Served with some fresh parmesan cheese I “grated” in the Thermomix too and fresh basil & cracked pepper.

Spag bog


The all amazingly awesome Thermomix!!

The all amazingly awesome Thermomix!!

Kitchen 3Yes I love the Thermomix!! Yes I have 3 (no I don’t need 3) Yes they have names!! And they have eyes!! This is my kitchen, I don’t have a built in cooktop, just a single plug in one – It will be the kitchen of the future 🙂

Yes I am a Therrmomix consultant (have been for over 4 years now)

So why do I love the Thermomix?!

It’s a moveable kitchen.

You can make so many things from scratch so quickly & easily. So of course the food has amazing flavour!!

It gets used multiple times every day.

Yes I love cooking but it suits people who love to cook or people that want to spend less time in the kitchen and people who are time poor & want dinner in a flash.

My favourite functions are milling whole spices; you heat them up first in the Thermomix & then mill them. It’s perfect for curries & dips. I always mill cinnamon sticks too. I love how it cooks & stirs for you while you do something else. I love the kneading function & the steaming function. I even love the latest feature for the model 5 – the guided recipes, which is perfect for those times when you can’t be bothered thinking!! (Admit it we all have times like that?!)

I’m not selling them to make money, I may have called myself the crazy Thermomix lady because it is a passion & I truly believe every household should have one! (we can sell a Thermomix to anyone in Australia – so watch out!) I have seen so many people change the way they cook & eat. People that have never cooked that are now cooking with a Thermomix. People using more fresh ingredients, trying new recipes, I’ve seen people falling in love with their Thermomix! Sometimes I am even lucky enough to be a part of someone’s joy at getting a Thermomix as a surprise for a birthday or wedding gift. I have even seen people win a Thermomix from a raffle! There are lots of Chefs that use them in restaurants & cafes all over the world too!

(This post is not quite finished & will be updated with even more amazing Thermolove soon!!)

MODEL5 bush backdrop