Oh my goodness, I was so thrilled to get some olives from Sarah at Sea Soul Studio, she had an abundance of them growing in her beautiful garden & we picked them together, how gorgeous do they look? Especially teamed with Yolande Zarins gorgeous tablecloth & napkin. So Sarah explained there are 2 ways to preserve the olives in salt or in brine, so after googling & talking to other friends I committed to give it a go – I won’t be able to share a recipe though because I just kind of winged it!! Not a good idea if I want to try it again next year!! The flavour seems so different & fresh for olives you have preserved yourself. I have been adding them to yummy dishes like Greek style Chicken or Chicken Cacciatore.

You need to slit each olive so the salt can get all the way through.


Now they are ready for the brine solution & you must keep them all fully submerged in the solution for a good few months.

A happy coincidence one of my hubby’s work contacts gave him some delicious fresh olive oil from olives he had grown himself – what an awesome food gift ­čÖé

A Bit of Mad Scientist Thermomixing with Dry Ice!!


We have just finished our studio lighting section of our photography course at TAFE & needed to arrange some photo shoots that we set up by ourselves to use lightning in a dramatic way. Well I had the idea that I wanted to make my favourite sorbet from the In the Mix Cookbook that uses dry ice – The dry ice not only creates a bit of theatre but also gives the sorbet a slightly fizzy taste in your mouth enhancing the sorbet experience even more ­čÖé

It was nerve raking setting up all the lighting etc plus everything up to make the sorbet & then even more so making the sorbet in front of some of my classmates, but then it was really fun & delicious, I got lost in the drama of the dry ice!! And somehow I ended up with over 200 photos!! I I have decided to use the photos for a bit of self promo for the latest Thermomix reward trip to Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon. I have to get all my sales in by June 30 to count for this amazing trip. I was so close at the end of May so I have decided to get it a good crack, while hopefully giving my customers & friends a good crack up of a laugh at my funny photos!










Arwen vegas

Thanks to all my amazing customers & friends, I have made it to the Thermomix reward trip to Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon.

It’s so exciting that so many awesome new customers have started their amazing Thermomix journey over the last month or they are just about to start ­čÖé



Quince Cook Up

Quinces B

Do you love quinces? I most certainly do, what’s not to love? The gorgeous deep ruby pink colour they turn into when cooked is just amazing – I always make quince paste, I absolutely love it with cheese. Last year I had to test a quince paste recipe & made it about 10 times I’m sure! I gave it away to friends mostly but did discover a batch only about a month ago that I had forgotten about in the fridge. For me I can’t bring myself to buy quinces, my neighbour has a tree & they are happy for me to use them. Last year one of ┬ámy customers gave me a massive bucket of them off her tree & another friend of a friend invited me to help myself to their tree.┬áMy Mum’s neighbour also has a huge tree & she is happy to share her produce with us too. So now I have my quince suppliers sorted I have to create & sample awesome quince recipes.


The year before last I created quince curd with my friend Erica & quince relish that are amazing recipes even if I do say so myself. The relish served with homemade sausage rolls just lifts the whole dish to something really special. My friend Charlie recommends her quince jelly recipe.


Roasted quinces


Steamed quinces for a cake


So this year I had decided to boycott making quince paste & wanted to try some different quince recipes. I roasted some & ate them just like that with no sugar or anything YUM! I also tried an amazing recipe from the MasterChef at home cookbook for a quince crumble cake with ginger chilli syrup & basil cream. I would definitely make it again but may need to share it with someone – I was the only one in our household that ate it!

Thermomix poached quinces with ginger chilli & vanilla for the crumble cake.




I made an amazing vanilla bean panna cotta with a quince syrup have a look on my instagram for the video of the wobble. – when I was trying to make the syrup I accidentally made a paste that I am going make into a Maggie Beer style swirled quince ice cream 😀

I also made Michelle Crawford’s Quince & Walnut cake.


When I went to Ellies for the 2nd part of her cookbook photo shoot I stopped into sea soul studio to borrow some of her amazing ceramics & she also had some quinces to give away from her amazing garden. So that night at Ellies after all the seafood cooking was complete we made Ellie’s quince paste recipe so we could give Sarah some when I returned her ceramics. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried Ellie’s quince paste recipe before now you don’t need to peel or core the quinces – I wanted to use Fiona Hoskins recipe with a bit less sugar too. Ellie even said that making quince paste in the thermomix was one of the things that made her want to buy a Thermomix.

Some points to remember when making quince paste the timing will be very different depending on your quinces. They will have different pectin levels, I added lemons for this reason & the fact that they taste so good. You have to go by site waiting until the deep ruby colour is achieved.

So in the morning we still had more quinces so I decided to make another batch & we had run out of sugar so we decided to use honey from our “styling honeycomb” instead. It didn’t end up setting as well but it was very tasty.


Of course when I got home I just had to make another batch of quince paste for myself & we actually used it for our studio photo shoot at TAFE. I also made herbed lavosh from the Devil of a Cookbook. We served the quince paste with King Island blue cheese covered in ash OMG it was such a good combo a new favourite for me. Also perfect with Bangor sparkling wine.


Hobart & Beyond Instameet – Tasmanmeet


catamaran HR

Another invitation to go to the Tasman Peninsula again this year & an excuse to instaspam without judgement & all for free!! I only found out about this event the day before it was on & was lucky enough to get a space. I’m so grateful to Hobart & Beyond for organising this event, I am already looking forward to the next one.

We met at 8.15am on (Mother’s Day) with an 8.30am departure from Brooke St Pier, our destination Port Arthur Historic Site, with photo opportunities all along the way. It was quite a challenge being on a moving boat to get perfect pictures but it is great practice & what a beautiful day. 60 instagramers in one spot watch out, we were all given a sticker with our name & instagram account name so we could network throughout the day. Some people had their phones, others had their cameras of all shapes & sizes. We were armed with our hastags: #tasmanmeet┬á#hobartandbeyond #discovertasmania┬á#tasmania┬á#seeaustralia

The Iron Pot Lighthouse


Complete with dolphins – hard to catch a good shot of them though!


I’ve been wanting to go to Shipstern Bluff for years, a popular but dangerous surfing spot – unfortunately the waves today were not so big, but what an amazing spot!

No surfers at Shipstern Bluff today



What a gorgeous rugged coastline


Cape Raoul is so stunning!!

Cape Raoul is so stunning!!

Cape Raoul Seals were so gorgeous to watch - some even got into the water for a swim while we were there.

Cape Raoul seals were so gorgeous to watch – some even got into the water for a swim while we were there.


Port Arthur Historic Site

After more spectacular scenery we made it to Port Arthur Historic Site, we had 1 hour to wander around & take some shots.

The Cammandant's House

The Cammandant’s House


Pennitentiary WB

We all took quite a few photos but needed a bit more time to get around to everywhere -it’s on the list to come back to again soon. We jumped on a bus to our next stop.


Something that I am more used to photographing - although not with 59 others around trying to do the same thing - it was a bit difficult. This was the most amazing Lunch at Post Arthur Lavender - all local seafood & delicious cheese - including lavender cheese & we also had Tasmanian wine.

Something that I am more used to photographing – although not with 59 others around trying to do the same thing – it was a bit difficult. This was the most amazing Lunch at Post Arthur Lavender – all local seafood & delicious cheese – including lavender cheese & we also had Tasmanian wine. So grateful for this amazing feast.


I love this place & I will be coming back again for sure to try more of their delicious food – lavender ice-cream, lavender scones almost everything has it on their menu & it is such a beautiful spot to relax.


Now for an hour at the Tasmanian Devil UnzooTassie Devils

We made some new friends & got to feed them too!

We made some new friends & got to feed them too!

Last stop was the Tessellated Pavement & nearby Lufra Hotel for afternoon tea.

I have been so lucky to go to the Tessellated Pavements quite a few times in the last few weeks so this was not so exciting for me as it was for some of the other photographers. It is such a beautiful place still so I wandered down to enjoy the scene of the pavement covered with people (only the week before Ellie & I had the place to ourselves setting up & shooting our sunrise breakfast, a cover shot for Ellie’s Seafood Everyday Cookbook)

Seaweed TP

Then tired & full we left for our hour long bus ride home back to Hobart – it had just started to rain as we boarded the bus – perfect Tasmanian timing!

WOW What an extraordinary day packed full of adventure, I can’t wait to go back to the Tasman Peninsula to finish my photography, exploring & taste testing. This is certainly a Mother’s Day to remember.