Cookidoo Cook Off

I was very excited to be invited to join the #CookidooCookOff by my Thermo friends in the UK Magical Meals in Minutes and her Friend Michelle Kelly see all the rule details on their pages but the main thing is to explore food, discover friends and have fun!! Each week a theme will be announced and you can find a recipe on cookidoo within that theme cook it and photograph it with the hashtag so everyone doing the cookidoo cook off challenge can see it.

Week 1 Afternoon Tea

Rosewater Madelines with Pulled Milk Tea
Pulled Milk Tea


BBQ Sauce from the Tex Mex cookbook on the USA cookidoo

Around Asia Cookbook Challenge

The Thermomix in Australia Around Asia Cookbook was released on the 1st May so we decided to do a cookbook challenge on this book this month. Feel free to join in too.


Ayam Golek – Coconut Roasted Spiced Chicken
Served with Coconut Rice and steamed greens
Chicken Larb
Niu rou mian (beef noodles)
Bánh Xèo – Vietnamese Pancakes
Vietnamese Egg Coffee
Ma po dou fu (mapo tofu)