Bastille French Lunch 2020

We had a wonderful Bastille French Lunch today – we used the Atlas Masterclass special French Mother’s Day menu as inspiration. Rita made voilà cocktails- recipe from the Drinking French cookbook & she also made a gluten free walnut French cake. Sue made the Charlie Carrington chicken liver pate recipe. Rosey made French onion soup 🥣 Christine made sourdough baguettes 🥖 and boeuf bourguignon. I made brioche, truffle butter, Dani Valent recipes for Café de Paris, Lemon & Tarragon butter and Aligot (French cheesy mashed potato). Roquefort salad, baked salmon, roasted garlic kipfler potatoes, roast beetroot, steamed beans and my pork rillettes recipe.Natalie made a delicious Apple Tart served with vanilla bean ice cream.

I will be adding more photos soon to this post….

Pork Rillettes