Nico Moretti’s Sri Lankan Curries

Nico Moretti’s Sri Lankan Curries

We were fortunate enough to have Nico Moretti for his Sri Lankan Curry Cooking Class a couple of weeks ago. We all enjoyed the class so much and the food was delicious. One of our friends was unable to attend so we said we would make all the recipes for a shared lunch so she could try them. I wanted to make all the recipes so made the ones I hadn’t already made a few days later for a family dinner.

Sri Lankan Curry Powder
Pol Sambol (Coconut Sambol)
Spicy Sri Lankan Onion Jam (Seeni Sambol)
Beetroot Curry
Sri Lankan Red Lentil Dahl (Parippu)
Godhamba Roti (Paratha)
Sri Lankan Stuffed Vegetable Roti with Mint & Coriander Spiced Yoghurt
Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
Sri Lankan Cashew Curry
Sri Lankan Yellow Rice (Kahabuth)
Chicken Kottu Roti
Sri Lankan Eggplant Curry (Vambotu)
Sri Lankan Love Cake

The Best Thermomix Dips

The Best Thermomix Dips

I’m in love with homemade dips the flavours are far superior when you make them yourself and the Thermomix makes them super easy to make. I will admit to being a dip snob, if someone were to serve me a bought dip there is no way I would touch it!!

The dangerous thing is they are so delicious I almost always end up eating a dip all by myself!! I’m going to attempt to list all my favourite dips – I warn you the list will be long. I will keep adding pictures and recipes as I go.

Creamed Spinach Dip from the Devil of a Cookbook – delicious served warm too.
The Best Avocado Dip
Cauliflower Hummus topped with Spiced Beef
Cream Cheese Herb & Garlic Dip
Nico Moretti’s Recipes

Nico Moretti’s Recipes

Nico Moretti has his Cooking Passions cooking school in Perth and does foodie tours around the world with his wife Belinda. I can highly recommend the tours, after joining the one to Japan last year. Nico also joined us at Lake Como for our Thermomix Emerald Class Trip and for Thermofest in Vietnam. You can buy Nico’s cookbooks here. He also has recipes on cookidoo including a collection called Celebrate Summer. Here are some of the delicious recipes I have tried so far.

Minted Moscow Mule Cocktail from the Celebrate Summer Collection on Cookidoo
Grilled scallops with chilli jam from the Celebrate Summer Collection on Cookidoo
Leek and smoked salmon dip from the Celebrate Summer Collection on Cookidoo
Bourbon Pork Ribs
Healthy September

Healthy September

I felt the need to have a bit of a spring clean of my food intake after so much indulgence over the last few months. So my friends and I are going to be cooking and eating healthy recipes this month, using recipes from the Life Changing Food cookbook and Quirky Cooking cookbook, Fiona Hoskin’s recipes from her website and ebooks and healthy recipes from cookidoo from the Eat Well cookbook and Plant to Plate cookbook.

Rhubarb Lamb Ribs (I’m not sure how healthy this recipe is but I had the leftovers this week with salads and veggies)
I’ve been making lots of salads with leftover steamed chicken.
Chicken soup with leftover veggies the stock is from steaming a whole chicken also served with homemade kimchi.
Fig Fruity Dream – we used frozen fresh figs & an egg white, then served with walnuts – you could add honey if you wanted it a bit sweeter?
Kingfish Sashimi recipe from the Chin Chin Cookbook
Lamb Saag from the Flavours of India Cookbook