We have a new Thermomix so we have new menu options to show some of the new features. You now choose 2 menu items for your cooking experience.

You can either buy your Thermomix before or after your Thermomix Cooking Experience.

Arwen’s Thermo Pics | Hobart Thermomix Consultant | Fruity Berry Dream

You may choose a sorbet there are 4 options – Fruity Dream, Vegan Fruity Dream, Fruit Ice Cream or Sorbet.


You may choose a bread option these are the gluten free Brazilian Cheese Puffs or you may like to try Basic Bread Rolls or Pizza Bianca.


Maybe you would like to try the beetroot salad as one of your options. YUM!!


Vanilla Custard or Harlequin Custard or Runny Custard.


You have a few options for a main course but my favourite and the most popular one is the Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry with Cauliflower “Rice”. It’s so delicious and easy!!


Try our new risotto flavour risotto verde or the mushroom risotto.


Salmon Veloute’ Meal or you can choose a chicken version both recipes include a vegetable soup.