Your Thermomix Delivery and Veggie Stock Paste

Step 1: Buy A Thermomix Step 2: When it arrives - Veggie Stock Paste is the recommended recipe to make when you receive your new Thermomix. I will spend an hour with you teaching you how to use your Thermomix & we will cook this amazing recipe together as part of...

My Favourite Thermomix Recipes

We all have recipes that we come back to again & again, so this is my list of my favourite Thermomix recipes.  

How Wild Things Are Cookbook

This gorgeous new cookbook is by Analeise Gregory & I'm excited to try as many of the delicious recipes as I can. Mulberry Clafoutis Honey Madeleines Cherry Kernel Steamed Panna Cotta with Fresh Cherries & Fig Leaf Granita Crayfish Cocktail Crayfish Omelette...

Making Tikka Paste & Butter Chicken

I absolutely love this recipe for Tikka Paste found in the Thermomix Indian Cookbook. It's like pure gold, maximum flavour & a timer saver for weekday meals like Butter Chicken πŸ™‚ I always make sure I have some in the fridge in case of emergency - it can be used...
Arwens ThermoPics | Hobart Thermomix Consultant

I’m Arwen, a Hobart Thermomix Consultant.

I’m passionate about delicious food. I love cooking and experimenting with flavours and different cuisines from all around the world. I also have dreams of one day having my own cooking show. It was this dream and my love of food that led me to an exciting Thermomix career in 2011.Β 

I love using my Thermomix, often using it multiple times a day to quickly whip up delicious meals and treats at home for family and friends. I source fresh, local produce and ingredients whenever I can (including harvesting produce from my own kitchen garden). I love cooking every single element of a dish from scratch so I am guaranteed to get maximum flavour into my food.The Thermomix makes this so quick & easy to do.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

WOW! Dreams do come true!!Β  What an epic year 2017 has been for me, filled with delicious food & wonderful friends both new & old from all over the world! This year has been brought to me by the number 4 (sometimes with added 0/s) 4 Blades -Β This year I...

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Italian Adventures

It's my last day in Italy & what an amazing holiday it has been. I'm on a train on my way to Rome from the east coast Ancona. The almost 4 hour train ride gives me a chance to stop & reflect as I watch the gorgeous scenery go by from the ocean to mountains,...

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Truffle Coma 2017

Truffle Coma 2017

Hooray for truffle season!! I am in love with truffles, the aroma makes my head spin & my taste buds salivate. So what should you do with your truffle to get the most out of it? I just love truffle infused eggs for making the most delicious & decadent...

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