Fico at Home

Fico at Home

Beef Wellington

I had wanted to order Fico at Home for ages and finally got around to ordering it the very last time they had it on offer so I order enough for 3 nights meals of course!! Well it is my “Birthday Month” and you shouldn’t have to cook on your birthday right? I am pleased to report we had 3 delicious meals although it was difficult to get good photos at night. My favourite meal was the Beef Wellington but I loved it all and it was a treat to have the 5 courses for the first night and a pre mixed negroni too!!

Sourdough Focaccia
Charred Baby Corn, Nduja, Parmigiano
Squid Ink and Octopus Tortellini, Putanesca
Venison Parmentier
Rum Baba, Creme Patissiere, Maraschino Cherry
Fico at Home Lasagna
Bake at Home Pigeon Whole Bakers Croissants

Bake at Home Pigeon Whole Bakers Croissants

It was so wonderful to collect the frozen bake at home croissants from Pigeon Whole Bakers #pigeonathome You simply place your order online and say if you want to pick them up Friday Saturday or Sunday & pay when you pick them up. It was so easy to follow the instructions and have the smell of fresh croissants wafting through the house on a Saturday morning!!