Your Thermomix Delivery and Veggie Stock Paste

  Step 1: Buy A Thermomix Step 2: When it arrives - Veggie Stock Paste is the recommended recipe to make when you receive your new Thermomix. I will spend an hour with you teaching you how to use your Thermomix & we will cook this amazing recipe together as part...

Thermomix 30 Minutes or Less 28-Day Meal Plan 2021

You can sign up to this amazing meal plan here. As I do every year I'll be doing daily live Thermomixing videos of each recipe on my facebook page & also posting them to my IGTV on instagram too....

ASRC Feast For Freedom 2021

You can donate here to this year's ASRC Feast For Freedom There are 2 cuisines to choose from Palestinian & Sri Lankan so my friends & I have decided to do 2 feasts, using this years recipes & last year's recipes too. Unfortunately our Feast for Freedom...

New TM6 Cooking Experience Menu Options

We have a new Thermomix so we have new menu options to show some of the new features. You now choose 2 menu items for your cooking experience. You can either buy your Thermomix before or after your Thermomix Cooking Experience. You may choose a sorbet...

My Favourite Thermomix Recipes

We all have recipes that we come back to again & again, so this is my list of my favourite Thermomix recipes.  

Homegrown Produce!!

It's the most delicious time of the year if you have a veggie garden or have friends with a veggie garden. You can not ever beat the taste of a fresh home grown tomato. It almost seems a crime to cook with them. Zucchinis are growing at a rapid rate too -So it is very...
Arwens ThermoPics | Hobart Thermomix Consultant

I’m Arwen, a Hobart Thermomix Consultant.

I’m passionate about delicious food. I love cooking and experimenting with flavours and different cuisines from all around the world. I also have dreams of one day having my own cooking show. It was this dream and my love of food that led me to an exciting Thermomix career in 2011.  You can buy a Thermomix or host a Thermomix Cooking experience.

I love using my Thermomix, often using it multiple times a day to quickly whip up delicious meals and treats at home for family and friends. I source fresh, local produce and ingredients whenever I can (including harvesting produce from my own kitchen garden). I love cooking every single element of a dish from scratch so I am guaranteed to get maximum flavour into my food.The Thermomix makes this so quick & easy to do. Taste & see for yourself – either host a Thermomix Cooking Experience & or buy a Thermomix now!

Chlorophyll Paste

Chlorophyll Paste

Chlorophyll Paste - A recipe by Tom Cockerill, Entropy Restaurant - Link to the recipe is here. This recipe is in the first In the Mix Cookbook. I was inspired to make this after attending Spa Chef Sam Gowing's  Food as Medicine Cooking Class in Melbourne where I saw...

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