Yes I finally managed to try a quarantini – I based mine on the vesper martini we made a Lee Ho Fook, they actually use 2 different types of gin – 2 parts are beefeater and 1 part tanqueray.

Ingredients to make 1 drink

45 grams gin

15 grams vodka

15 grams rose’ vermouth (or regular vermouth if you can’t find rose’)

handful of ice

1 strip of lemon zest

Place your martini glass into the freezer while you make your drink you want it nice and cold.

Insert the butterfly whisk, weigh in the gin, vodka and vermouth add your ice and mix for 20 secs on reverse speed 3.

Remove your glass from the freezer and twist your lemon zest into a curl, place into the glass and pour the strained liquid into the glass.

Cheers!! Make sure you drink it with your friends for your virtual happy hour via facetime or messenger!!