Arwen’s Foodie 40th Birthday Party

I can hardly believe I turned 40 this year- apparently you are only as old as you feel?! A lot of nice people always look shocked when they find out my age or that I have an almost adult son!! I was going to do not much & pretend it wasn’t happening but decided I had to celebrate in style. But what to do?? For my 30th birthday I had a Japanese themed party; I love dressing up & having the food match with the theme 🙂 I was racking my brain as to what the theme could be & then one Sunday morning about a couple of months before my birthday the idea came to my almost to be “old” brain 🙂 I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner!!

After seeing 2 Thermomix costumes at Thermofest Auckland earlier in the year, I knew I had to dress up as a Thermomix. So after being knocked back to “borrow” a Thermomix costume from Thermomix in Australia, I asked my good friend & amazing sewing guru Rosey if it was something that she might be able to do?? She said she loves a challenge & boy did we have fun with it, a trip to spotlight where we were constantly looking at a photo of a Thermomix to see which coloured fabric we needed & we even had a shop assistant helping us find the correct fabrics for my Thermomix costume. Then we measured every part of the Thermomix to get the enlarged Thermomix costume into the correct proportion. Rosey was still finishing it off just before she left to arrive at my party. It is such an awesome costume & I have already got quite a few wears out of it!! Plus she even made it with a detachable bowl so when it came time to dance it was a bit easier without a TM bowl attached to me 🙂


Food!! What does one serve at a foodie party? FOOD Not just any food – amazing favourite, fun & fabulous food!! Every event I plan way too much food & there is always leftovers & half of what I plan to make doesn’t even get made lol!! A good party always needs leftovers for sure!

So birthday cake what to do? I actually love savoury more than sweet, even though one of my favourite ingredients is chocolate along with cheese, fresh herbs, chillies & spices. I wanted something “different & unusual” plus easy too, so I had to do the “cheesecake” again: layers of my favourite cheeses with things I love to eat with cheese quince paste & fruitcake to serve with aged cheddar 🙂

Making dry Ice sorbet 🙂


Dry ice sorbet is a must for a foodie party for sure!! The recipe from In the Mix Cookbook is a Cucumber, Lime, Mint & Yoghurt dry ice sorbet, a definite wow factor for the party 🙂 Watch the first part of the live video here.

It was the 3rd time I’ve made it; the first time I made it I was so excited I forgot to strain the mixture before adding the dry ice, the 2nd time I didn’t have a strainer to use for my TAFE photo shoot. This time because my costume was too large, I enlisted the help of my good friend Sooze, she had never made it before but is up for a challenge. Anyway we were really organised with all the ingredients (after my friend Carol went back home & picked a truckload of mint from her garden -thanks Carol) So part 1 went really well & then we went live for part 2 when you add the dry ice pellets slowly to the strained mixture!! Sooze got a bit excited & added the dry ice a bit too quick (I can understand having made it before & doing a similar thing) So it was lot’s of fun as the vibrant cold green liquid bubbled over through all the clouds of dry ice. Unfortunately Thermomix in Australia asked me to take down my 2nd live video because it may have been manipulated to look like hot liquid (even though we were laughing the whole time!) So if you were lucky enough to see the video it was on my Arwen’s Thermo Pics Facebook page for 4 days 🙂 On the plus side the sorbet tasted absolutely amazing!! Hands down the best one I’ve ever had & I technically didn’t make it myself!!



Chicken Liver Pate


Leftovers from my birthday “Cheese Cake”



Dry Ice Sorbet
Chilorio Pulled Pork with homemade Roti (thanks for making the Roti Charlie)
Sticky Chicken Wings
Sweets table
Potted Veggies & Dip
Thanks to Rosey for making my Thermomix costume!!