You know I love nothing better than a cook-a-long, so when I saw Jock Zonfrillo’s instagram post about his Scottish Breakfast instagram live cook-a-long I was in. My family on my Mum’s Dad’s side were from Scotland so I borrowed some family heirloom props too!! Jock did ask us to wear some sort of tartan quote “I’ll be disappointed if you don’t… not angry… just disappointed. We were going to make Glasgow Rolls with Square Sausage and we were also given a suggestion of some Scottish treats to snack on while we cook. The dough for the rolls needs to be kneaded for 10 mins – of course I did it in the Thermomix!! I milled the spices for the sausage in the thermomix too & steamed the potatoes for the “Tattie Scones”. I ened up making the rolls for a 2nd time because when I proved them in the morning I fell asleep and they over proofed!!